BOLD Organics began with a single purpose in mind, to create the most delicious and healthy frozen pizza on the market.

Today that vision is realized in a line of organic pizzas, gluten free pizzas, and gluten free-dairy free pizzas that are redefining just how good eating healthy can taste. BOLD Organics is bigger than pizza. It’s about making healthier choices.  BOLD is a lifestyle. And it all began with the vision of an eager young entrepreneur who asked a simple question:  “If you switch to eating organic and non GMO foods or eliminate certain allergens from your diet, will you feel better?” Gluten free pizza was just the beginning.

From there, BOLD has branched out to satisfying the desires of people who want to eat better by switching to products with certified organic ingredients. BOLD is committed to creating the most flavorful products on the market today. Restaurant quality food that delivers premium taste, without the premium price. So when it comes to delicious and high quality foods, now everyone has a choice. Don’t be bland. Be BOLD!

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