This Sub Solution review is going to tell you everything you need to know to successfully use this complex brand of fake urine.

It will cover all of the basics around how complex Sub Solution is compared to other fake urine, full instructions on how to use it, alongside tips for successfully passing. Basically, the stuff other reviews don’t tell you.

Also, I’ll tell you about my personal experiences using fake urine. I’ve used Quick Fix, but recently I switched to Sub Solution for a pre-employment drug test. So, I’m going to talk you through exactly what I did as well.

Plus, I’m going to tell you about a couple of other Clear Choice products which you might want to consider as well, as they could increase your chances of passing a drug test.

What Is Clear Choice Sub Solution?

Clear Choice Sub Solution is one of the premium brands of synthetic urine you can buy. You’ll pay a premium price as well, with Sub Solution costing $80.

As with everything in life, you get what you pay for though. Sure, you can spend $30 on some crap fake urine, but you’ll fail your drug test.

Sub Solution is made by a reputable company called Clear Choice, which also makes another brand of fake urine called Quick Luck.

Quick Luck is the upgrade to Sub Solution and was released last year.  It’s a slightly more complex formula, and premixed rather than a powder, making it perfect for on the job drug testing where you haven’t got time to mess around finding a water source.

If you want to pass a drug test, a basic pre-employment one, or any complexity of drug test where you have at least one hour to prep, and Sub Solution is the best way to pass it, other than Quick Luck.

What’s In The Sub Solution Synthetic Powdered Urine Kit?

 When your Sub Solution synthetic urine kit arrives, you’ll get a very small box with not a lot in it. That upsets a lot of people, but you must remember what you are paying for.

All you get in the Sub Solution box is:

  • A small vial of powdered urine
  • Slightly larger mixing and dispensing container
  • Glass vial of heat activator Powder
  • Set of instructions

But that’s all you need to pass a drug test. I used Quick Fix to pass my first drug test a few years back.  But because there was a few years break between the two tests, I did more research and found that Quick Fix is more unreliable now, for reasons go through later.

So I used Sub Solution, because it’s the most complex formula out there (or it was before Quick Luck came out), and you are not relying on a heatpad to generate the heat you need to get your sample to within the correct temperature range (between 90°F and 100°F).

Sub Solution powdered urine kit

How Complex Is Sub Solution?

 To understand how good Sub Solution is, you have to look at the complexity of its construction.

Most fake urine out there contains just the very basics you would need to pass a drug test, the most obvious components of human urine that might be looked for in tests to see if the sample is valid.

The problem is, you just don’t know what tests the lab will do. That’s why Sub Solution is good, and it contains the following levels complexity:

  • Sub Solution contains 14 chemical markers found in human urine
  • Contains urea, uric acid, and creatinine (a waste product of creatine)
  • Perfectly balanced for pH
  • Within the correct specific gravity range for normal human urine
  • Sub Solution looks, smells, and even froths like real human urine

That puts it as close to human urine as you are going to really ever get. Although, having said that, Quick Luck, Sub Solutions big brother, is slightly more complex in the formula. But either of them will be more than good enough to pass even the most complex of expensive 12-panel drug tests.

Use Sub Solution review: Instructions

The instructions for preparing and submitting Sub Solution synthetic urine are pretty straightforward:

  1. Using preferably filtered water, fill up the mixing/submission container to the line that’s marked on it.
  1. Add the container of powdered urine to the water, and then gently agitate it until it’s completely dissolved and clear.
  1. To be honest, that’s it for now. All you have to do then is go to where you are submitting your sample, and just before you do, add the heat activator powder, usually one third is enough, and that will raise the temperature of the liquid to between 90°F 100°F in about one minute.

Now look, the number one reason why people fail a drug test using fake urine is not the complexity of the formula, it’s the temperature they submit it at.

Usually, it’s because the heatpad fails them, so the temperature is cooler than it should be. They don’t look at the temperature until they are about to submit it, and then they panic. You could actually head that situation off by just checking it before you go in, and pouring hot water over the sample to warm it up. But most people don’t think like that.

However, with Sub Solution (and by extension Quick Luck), none of those worries are relevant.

You don’t have to worry about the complexity of the formula letting you down. You don’t have to worry about the heatpad letting you down either, because of the incredible heat activator powder taking all that worry away.

All you have to do, just before you go into the building you are submitting your sample at, is to tap in about one-third of the heat activator powder until a reading appears on the temperature strip, and you get it as close to 100°F as you can without going over. You’ve then got about 20 minutes in which to submit your sample within the correct temperature range.

Sub SOlution instructions

Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix

When I looked at Sub Solution Vs Quick Fix, there really was no comparison. That’s why I chose Sub Solution for my more recent drug test.

Quick Fix is okay. It’s a basic formula that contains creatinine, your urea, and uric acid.

Just like Sub Solution, it’s one of the few brands out there that doesn’t contain biocide. That’s an artificial preservative that is in most brands of fake urine.

It was rumored about two years ago that the big testing labs had realized that biocide was present in most brands of urine, and so started testing for it, which is why there was suddenly a spike around a couple of years ago in most brands of fake urine starting to fail people.

But Sub Solution and Quick Fix are both guaranteed to not contain biocide.

However, because it’s half the price, Quick Fix is half the formula. It just doesn’t look quite as good, and it’s not as complex.

I’d rather pay $80 and get the absolute best chance of passing a drug test, than buying the budget $40 Quick Fix and knowing that I’m taking more of a gamble.

Sub Solution vs Quick Fix

What’s Better Than Sub Solution Synthetic Urine?

Before I conclude this Sub Solution review, I want to talk about whether there is anything better than Sub Solution out there.

The simple answer is yes. Quick Luck is better. As I’ve said, it’s slightly more complex, and it’s premixed.

Because of the heat activator powder, Quick Luck is perfect for on the job, on the spot, drug testing. You don’t need a water source, and as long as you are out of sight for about one minute, you can tap in the heat activator powder, and have a viable sample very quickly.

It’s an extra 20 bucks, but it’s well worth it for the convenience. Next time, I’ll probably go for Quick Luck.

But Sub Solution is complex enough to pass any type of drug test. As long as you’ve got a source of water and about 10 minutes, you can prepare the sample and get it warm really easily.

Sub Solution Amazon Warning

 One word of warning here, about Sub Solution on Amazon. Don’t buy it.

That goes for eBay, Craigslist, anywhere where it’s advertised that is not an official seller. Usually, they are fake, or short life products.

There’s just no point in taking the risk when you can order from the official Clear Choice web store for basically the same prices, with free domestic shipping and rapid delivery.

Where To Buy Clear Choice Urine

So the conclusion of my Sub Solution review is that it’s basically the best you can get, definitely for the money.

If you want to trade up, then Quick Luck is the ultimate in convenience and complexity, but that costs $100 versus $80 per Sub Solution.

One thing I would say is if you’ve got the money, get the practice kit from Clear Choice at the same time. Both Sub Solution and Quick Luck can be bought as a combo deal with 30% off the price of buying the product alongside the practice kit.

The practice kit contains heat activator powder and the mixing containers. That means you can use water to test getting the temperature right, and transporting it. The practice kit also contains a heatpad, in case you want to maintain the temperature as well. You could even do a full dummy run the day before your test to make sure you’re 100% confident of what you are going to do on the day.

For my money, Sub Solution synthetic urine is the best value for money out there, and the best chance you have a passing a drug test. Buy it with the practice kit, and you’ll increase your chances of submitting it confidently within the correct temperature range as well.