Chef Eric and Aaron’s mission is about creating healthy, great tasting products that consumers will have fun eating. They developed a line of pizzas that are bold in flavor (hence the name), and were bold in the sense that no one had ever tried to make a great tasting, healthy pizza that was gluten-free and dairy-free. Chef Eric and Aaron spared no expense on the organic toppings, scouring farms throughout the country for the absolute perfect flavor profiles with optimum health benefits, such as the organic roasted red peppers, organic roasted yellow onions, and shitake mushrooms. For non-vegan consumers, they searched for the leanest, tastiest, organic and nitrate-free meats available on the market.

The sauce pops with Chef Eric’s signature blend of organic tomatoes and carefully chosen organic herbs & spices that will literally wake up your taste buds. The thin crust crunches with texture achieved from an alternative mixture of organic baking ingredients without the need for gluten.