There are truthfully only three brands of detox drink I ever recommend, based on my own drug test passing, and testing various detox drinks at home for the purposes of writing reviews. This Rescue Cleanse review is going to give you all the essential info you need to make a great decision on whether it’s the detox drink that is best for you.

We will cover everything you need to know, including who makes it, how it works, full instructions (including some top tips), and as a conclusion to the review, I’ll answer the question around how well Rescue Cleanse works.

Clear Choice Detox Products Are The Best

Clear Choice is definitely the brand to trust when it comes to trying to pass drug tests.

Clear Choice makes a Sub Solution and Quick Luck, the two most complex and trustworthy brands of fake urine you can buy.

Rescue Cleanse has also been around for quite a few years now and has a very good track record of passing drug tests.  So you are in the best possible hands with this Clear Choice detox drink.

Clear Choice products

How A Detox Drink Works

 When you drink a detox drink, it’s not just about flushing out the toxins, if it was that simple then you could pretty much use water.

A good quality detox drink flushes out your system by flooding your bladder with liquid. But this complex liquid not only helps you urinate more, but it also helps to draw out any toxins attached to the walls of your bladder or urinary tract.

But more than that, a complex detox drink contains a perfect balance of nutrients, things like vitamins, minerals, and creatine. These are processed by the body and some pass through your kidneys as waste, appearing in your urine, and keep its balance temporarily natural.

Not many detox drinks can do all that, which is why Rescue Cleanse is one of the few out there that I have relied on to pass an actual drug test.

Clear Choice Detox Drink Instructions

Let’s continue this Rescue Cleanse review by telling you exactly what the instructions for use are:

  1. Drink the contents of the Rescue Cleanse bottle smoothly over about 30 minutes.
  1. Then urinate at least three times in the 30 minutes after that.
  1. So after one hour, you will enter the “clear zone”, where you have up to 4 hours free from drug toxins. The urine sample you submit should be clean. However, this isn’t always four hours, because if you have very high levels of drug toxins in your body, then the time it takes for fresh ones to work their way into your urine will be shorter.

Rescue Cleanse instructions

Increase Your Chances Of Passing By Doing A Detox As Well

An extra tip for me, apart from following the Rescue Cleanse instructions as above, is to always try and do a natural detox before the day of your test.

Obviously, if you haven’t got any notice then you can’t do that. But if you do smoke weed every day, or you have very recently taken a strong dose of drugs, then a detox drink on its own might struggle to keep toxins out of your urine for long enough you to submit a good sample. In that case, a good quality synthetic urine is probably a better option.

As long as you got at least 24 hours’ notice, you can abstain, drink plenty of water, exercise and sweat, eat small regular meals (fatty ones if you are a weed smoker), to give your body more chance to push out more toxins.

If you’ve got 48 hours, do it for that length of time as well. However long you choose, make sure that you try and accelerate the number of toxins coming out by using high-quality detox pills like Toxin Rid. They do short 1-3 day courses which are perfect for partial detoxification acceleration.

Does Rescue Cleanse Detox Drink Work?

So the big question at the end of any Rescue Cleanse review has to be: does this clear choice detox drink really work?

For me, it does. The evidence is in three parts for me personally:

  1. I passed a home drug test with Rescue Cleanse for the purposes of testing it and reviewing it. I tested clean one hour after drinking it, and three hours after drinking it. That was as a regular weed smoker.
  1. I’ve used it to pass a real drug test. This was for a job two years ago. It was only a basic pre-employment drug test, but I was still a regular smoker. I did a 24-hour detox and passed fine using Rescue Cleanse.
  1. A close friend of mine used Rescue Cleanse earlier this year to pass a drug test as well. That was on my recommendation, and he did do a 48-hour detox before the day, but the consistent trend in passing is there.

Rescue Detox

Where To buy Rescue Cleanse

When it comes to telling you where to buy clear choice Rescue Cleanse, I would never recommend buying any detox products from general marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or even places like GNC and Walmart.

You’ll only ever get low-quality products, or you run the risk of fakes or out of date products.

You can buy Rescue Cleanse direct from Clear Choice. You’ll get fast shipping in the USA, so there’s really no reason to compromise by not ordering direct.

Rescue Cleanse costs $55. If you want to speed up your natural detoxification using Toxin Rid, those detox pills can be bought directly from the Test Clear website, the people who make those detox pills.

So there you go, that’s my Rescue Cleanse review. If you’re going to use a detox drink, it’s best to use it if you have at least 24 hours to prepare before the day of your test. If you haven’t got time, you’ll be fine as long as you don’t have a very high level of toxin exposure. If you do, I’d recommend Sub Solution, but otherwise, Rescue Cleanse is as good as you are going to get and it offers a near 100% chance of passing.

If you can’t get your hands on Rescue Cleanse though, alternatives that I know definitely work in a similar way and to a similarly high standard are Ultra Eliminex and Mega Clean.