Rescue Detox ICE Review & Full Instructions For Passing A Drug Test

Rescue Detox ICE Review & Full Instructions For Passing A Drug Test

Rescue Detox is one of the lesser-known detoxification drinks out there, but it gets confused by many people with Rescue Cleanse, which is one of the best and better-known ones. So the first thing I want to point out that the start of this Rescue Detox ICE review is that it’s not Clear Choice Rescue Cleanse.

What we’re going to do here is tell you everything you need to know about Rescue Detox ICE. I’m going to clear up some confusion around what it is and who makes it, give you full Rescue Detox ICE instructions to use it, and tell you how likely Rescue Detox is to pass a drug test.

Plus, I’ll talk about personal experiences with Rescue Detox, and discuss a couple of alternatives that I’ve found work better for masking drug toxins for several hours so you can pass that important drug test.

What Is Rescue Detox ICE And Who Makes It?

The first part of this Rescue Detox review is going to cover exactly what it is. For a start, the Rescue Detox website isn’t that easy to find because it’s not that clear who actually makes it.

The company that makes Rescue Detox are called “Applied Sciences”. They also make Rescue Five Day Detox (a permanent detoxification course), and Rescue Detox ICE caps, which I’ll discuss in detail in a minute.

Rescue Detox ICE is a detox drink. The ICE stands for Instant Cleansing Energy. What you’re getting for your money is a 32 fluid ounce drink. They do sell a smaller Rescue Detox ICE 17 oz version, but I wouldn’t recommend using such a small volume of liquid as it just won’t be strong enough to do the job.

One confusion around this detox drink is that it looks exactly like Rescue Cleanse. Not identical, but very similar logos, colors, and even the same white bottle. I’m not sure that’s a mistake, I think they are piggybacking the pedigree of Rescue Cleanse.

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Rescue Detox ICE Review & Full Instructions For Passing A Drug Test

Let’s Clear Up The Confusion Around Rescue Detox ICE Drink And Caps

When people talk about Rescue Detox ICE, they could be referring to the detox drink we are reviewing here, but they could also be referring to the ICE caps.

Rescue Detox ICE caps are detoxification capsules. They are the same ones that you get to use at the end of the Rescue 5 Day Detox course.

Rescue 5 Day Detox is a permanent detoxification program that should get you clean in five days (although there is a total of eight days’ worth of pills in it if you include the ICE caps you use just before your test).

Rescue Detox ICE caps are therefore basically a detox drink in capsule form. You take them with water and they give you up to 5 hours clean by flushing out the toxins and maintaining a realistic balance in your urine (although I don’t think they work very well).

Rescue Detox ICE Instructions

So now you hopefully understand that Rescue Detox ICE can refer to 3 different things, and can be confused with the far superior Rescue Cleanse, let’s continue this review of the actual detox drink by giving you the full Rescue Detox ICE instructions you need to use it as successfully as possible.

Rescue Detox comes in three flavors, but for the purposes of the review, I used Rescue Detox cranberry flavor 32 oz. You’ll want to chill first and give it a good shake before you open it.

Here are full instructions for using Rescue Detox:

  1. You should abstain from taking in toxins for at least 48 hours and do a natural detox during that time. On the day of your test, don’t eat or drink for three hours before you start the process outlined next.
  2. Open the bottle and drink the contents smoothly over about 15 minutes. Then refill the bottle halfway and drink that water for over a second 15 minutes. They need the extra water is a red flag for me, as the best detox drinks don’t require it. It means the liquid is strong enough, and it can dilute your sample.
  3. Once you’ve consumed all the liquid you should urinate at least three times in the hour after that. This means you should be starting the process two hours before you have to leave so that you can urinate at least three times.
  4. The last step just before you leave to take your drug test is to do a home drug test kit. That’s not in the instructions for Rescue Detox ICE, but it’s imperative that you do one to know if it’s worked.
Rescue Detox ICE Review & Full Instructions For Passing A Drug Test

Are Rescue Detox ICE Caps Worth Using?

In the 48 hours before you use any detox drink (if you have noticed) you should always do a natural detox. This involves exercising, sweating, eating well, and drinking plenty of water. You’ll also need to urinate a lot, and if you’re a weed smoker, eat fatty foods as well to draw more cannabis metabolites out through the bowels.

You can accelerate the amount of toxins that exit your body during this time by using detox pills.

Rescue Detox ICE caps are not suitable for this purpose. They are a masking agent just like the detox drink. They should be used instead of a detox drink, or as a plan B if the detox fails.

The detox pills I do recommend you use are called Toxin Rid. Even a 24-hour course while you detoxify on the day before your test will pump out tons more toxins than you can naturally.

There Are Better Detox Drinks Out There

I’m afraid to say that the conclusion of this Rescue Detox ICE review is that it’s not that good.

I tested this with a home drug test kit and failed the drug test one hour after completing the process. I am a heavy weed smoker, but I did do a full 48-hour detox. It should have coped.

I also have a friend who failed to use this eight months ago. They also followed the process I’ve outlined in the instructions here, and they weren’t even smoking as much weed as I do. That put together makes me very skeptical.

Rescue Cleanse, the detox drink that Rescue Detox ICE emulates badly, is a far better detox drink to use.

Rescue Cleanse costs three times the price, but that’s because it’s a professional detox drink. Rescue Detox ICE by comparison is little more than flavored water if you look at the ingredients list.

An alternative would be Ultra Eliminex. That’s even more expensive than Rescue Cleanse @ $55. Ultra Eliminex costs nearly $90, but you’re getting the most potent detox drink you can buy right now, and you don’t need any additional water when you use it.

Another option is using synthetic urine. The best brand you can get is Clear Choice Sub Solution. It’s very easy to use fake pee for a drug test and it doesn’t require preparation or detox. For more info, please check out my detailed review about fake urine.

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