Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Review: How Fast Can You Get Clean?

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Review: How Fast Can You Get Clean?

If you’re looking to get genuinely clean to pass a drug test then doing a natural detox is the most certain way of passing. But it’s one hell of a difficult thing to do right. This Toxin Rid review is going to tell you how you can half the amount of time it takes to get genuinely clean by using the Toxin Rid 10 day detox kit.

I’m going to also talk you through the other course lengths as well though because not everybody needs the full 10 day course. But as they do a single day course, all the way through to 10 days, how on earth you know which is best for you?

So what I’m going to do here in this review of Toxin Rid is to tell you how to work out which course is best for you, give you the full instructions for using this powerful detox pill, and tell you about my own experiences, to help answer the question around if Toxin Rid really works to speed up the elimination of drug toxins from your body.

How A Detox Works

If you want to get genuinely clean, so you’ve got no drugs left in your body at all to get caught out with, then you need to do a natural detox. Unfortunately this takes a lot of time.

If you take drugs once, most drugs will completely leave system (be undetectable) within a handful of days. If you take anything more frequently, that time lengthens though. So if you are a regular user, several times per week, then it usually takes you 1-2 weeks to get clean.

But Toxin Rid detox pills can really help weed smokers more than anyone else. If you are a daily cannabis smoker for example, then the metabolites build up so much in your body that it can take up to 2 months for them to get removed in some extreme cases.

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Review: How Fast Can You Get Clean?

The problem is also that medical canabis metabolites bind to fat cells in the body. This means that you can test clean, and then a few days later some of those metabolites have detached and work their way out, and your test positive again.

So it’s crucial that you do a natural detox to ensure that you are completely clean, do following these steps every day:

  1. Eat lean proteins, whole grains/fiber, fruit and vegetables regular amounts.
  2. Cut out all the crap, fat, sugar, refined carbohydrates, all that stuff which drags your system down.
  3. Also when you are doing a natural detox stop smoking tobacco, drinking alcohol, anything which slows you down.
  4. Cut out salt and other substances take more processing to get out of the body.
  5. Exercise daily, sweating gets rid of some metabolites through the skin and the exercise speeds up your metabolism.
  6. Drink plenty of water and urinate more frequently.
  7. Eat plenty of fiber as well so that you crap regularly as well, because cannabis metabolites also bind to fat and bile which are taken out through the bowels.

Toxin Rid Course Lengths Explained

As I’ve said, even doing a proper natural detox it can take on average two weeks for regular weed smoker to get genuinely clean to pass a drug test.

But Toxin Rid can half the amount of time it takes you to get clean. So that two weeks suddenly becomes one week, sometimes even less than that. My experiences (which I’ll talk about later) definitely confirm that.

But when you can buy Toxin Rid in course lengths from a single day all the way through to 10 days in length, which one do you choose?

Let me go through it all for you here:

  1. The short course lengths, one day through four days are more designed for people who are looking to only partially detox. They will then mask the few remaining toxins with a detox drink, leaving it less work to do to master remaining toxins. Also, people with very low toxin exposure, say you smoke a couple of joints a week, will also go for short course lengths.
  2. The five and seven day courses are designed for moderate users. Several times per week. So if you are doing something like cocaine twice a week, you’re going to be a moderate user. A handful of joints a week, you’re the same, so go for the five and seven day courses. The five day detox kit is the ideal starting point, but if you are in any doubt go for the seven day Toxin Rid course.
  3. If you are a chronic weed smoker, meaning you smoke daily, or you use some other substance you put in your body basically daily, or close to daily, then the Toxin Rid 10 day detox pills are definitely the one you should go for. That’s because it will probably take you two weeks to get clean, so by doing the 10 day detox, you’re giving yourself the best chance of getting clean in a week or less.

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Kit Instructions

So the hard part of doing a natural detox is that horrible stuff you’ve got to do for at least a week. On top of that though there is a little hassle because the Toxin Rid instructions are pretty damn straightforward.

Let’s take a look at the instructions for doing the full Toxin Rid 10 day detox:

  1. On the first day that you start your natural detox (but obviously if you start a natural detox sooner that will help more), take three pills per hour for the first five hours after you wake up. Do this each time with an 8 oz glass of water.
  2. The rest of each day drink more water than you would usually, and continue the natural detox process.
  3. On the final day of the 10 day course, two hours after you have finished your last group of three Toxin Rid pills, you mix up the detox liquid. You can mix it up with 16 oz water or orange juice. Drink it down in about 15 minutes and then don’t eat or drink anything else for at least two hours. Urinate frequently to push out toxins.
  4. Two hours (although I did it four hours before) before you are meant to go for a drug test, mix-up the dietary fiber supplement and drink that as well. Then drink some water (no more than 16 fluid ounces) and urinate frequently.

So that’s it, that’s the Toxin Rid 10 day detox kit instructions. They are the same as the five day detox kit, every course duration, it’s 15 pills per day, plus the two finishing supplements.

Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox Review: How Fast Can You Get Clean?

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Does Toxin Rid Work?

So the big question is does Toxin Rid work? Well, Toxin Rid definitely does work as long as you follow the instructions closely and make sure you do a natural detox.

But there are some things you can do to make certain for yourself.

Firstly, have home drug test kits handy. These only cost a few dollars each, so I would get four or five.

When you are just over halfway through the course, so say day six of the 10 day Toxin Rid course, do a home drug test kit. Then do one every other day until you test clean. Hopefully, that will be around day seven.

Make sure you keep one drug test kit for the day of your test though. Two hours before you leave do that final urine sample drug test kit. If you test negative, you’re good to go. Honestly, guys, you can’t do this without home drug test kits, otherwise how the hell are you meant to know when you are actually clean?

If you still test positive on the day of your test you could be in trouble. You will have very few toxins left in your body, but it will just be strayed working their way out if you are a weed smoker. But it’s still a problem to solve.

So although it’s unlikely, I will always recommend you have a bottle of high-quality detox drink available for this situation. Rescue Cleanse, Ultra Eliminex or Mega Clean are the ones I would choose because they are affordable and powerful.

I’ve also said, even if you test clean seven days into the 10 day course, please don’t stop taking it. This is especially true if you are a weed smoker because of how weed metabolites can come out of your body in an erratic and irregular fashion. Make sure you do the full 10 day course (if possible).

Please Don’t Cut Corner On Detox Pills

If you’re going to try and pass a drug test by getting genuinely clean and accelerating it using detox pills then please don’t cut corners. As with everything in life, you get what you pay for.

I personally tested a few courses of pills over the past couple of years, using home drug test kits as part of that process. All of them have been absolute crap apart from Toxin Rid. The only one I’ve ever passed a home drug test kit with after seven days is Toxin Rid, and I’m a daily weed smoker.

Don’t just take it from me, look online. There are tons of positive reviews on blogs, forums, YouTube, Reddit, it’s the only name you will see.

So does Toxin Rid work? For me, it definitely has. It was two years ago, but the formula hasn’t changed.

I had to work hard, and it’s really tough giving up weed for almost 2 weeks. But you can do it if you really need to get clean. You might not, and a detox drink or fake urine might be a better way to go. But if you NEED to get clean, then Toxin Rid can half the amount of time it takes you to do just that.

Where To Buy Toxin Rid 1-10 Day Detox Kits

That’s why I only 100% recommend Toxin Rid amongst detox pills. It has a powerful natural formula and based on my own testing it genuinely works to get even heavy weed smoker clean in a week or less.

But it is expensive. The 10 day program is $190.

But if you combine that 10 day program with a healthy natural detox then you could be clean in a week, and often less.

Just don’t go for the shorter courses to save money, because they might run out before you get clean. But they will still allow you to mask more toxins for a detox drink to work better.

So if you haven’t got much time before your drug test, say you’ve got five days, buy a 24-hour course. By the time arrives, you can then do a 24-hour detox, and the powerful detox drink you use will have far less work to do, giving you the maximum chance of passing.

But if you are a regular user, then the only way out of this if you want to be naturally clean, if you have to be totally clean, is to do the 10 day course.

But the conclusion of my Toxin Rid review has to be that this is not a miracle pill. If you’re thinking you can just take it and it will magically get you clean, it won’t. You have to do a pill course alongside a natural detox. But the key point at the conclusion of this review is that it speeds up the elimination of toxins by 50% or more.

So look guys, get this stuff in stock if you think you might be facing a drug test where you need to be clean, or you are facing a situation where just masking the toxins just won’t work.

The only place you can buy the Toxin Rid 10 day detox is from Test Clear. They are the people who make it, and it’s not sold anywhere else, so please don’t look to try and save money. Quality costs, and if you want to genuinely get clean in half the time, then Toxin Rid is a great investment.