Best Synthetic Urine: Guide To using Fake Pee For A Drug Test

What I’m going to do right now is talk to you about the best synthetic urine. If you don’t get the best, then you stand a high chance of failing a urine sample drug test. But it’s so simple to learn the basics to avoid that, and I’m going to give them to you now in this quick five-minute guide.

I’ll tell you exactly what synthetic urine is, what’s in it, how it needs to be constructed to pass a drug test and avoid the scrutiny of the lab. I’ll tell you how to use it, and give you a couple of top tips that you won’t read many other places.

On top of all that, I’ll tell you how to use a synthetic urine belt, which you’ll have to use if you’re facing a supervised drug test want to use fake pee.

Plus, I’m going to give you the top three synthetic urine reviews, the best synthetic urine products out there right now that tick all the boxes that I’m going to explain to you are needed.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine is just that. It’s fake pee that constructed to mimic real human urine. Some of the products out there are more successful at achieving this than others.

Some are very basic, they only contain a few of the chemicals found in real human urine. They may not be in the right balance, and there are a couple of other things they may not have as well.

The problem is that some synthetic urine is actually a novelty product, sold as a fetish or joke product. But they also indirectly market it as being able to pass a drug test. It can’t unless you get incredibly lucky, but what do they care, they’ve made their money.


There are actually only a few brands out there that are specifically formulated and marketed to pass a drug test.

Now when I say market, they can’t obviously do it directly because it’s against the law to sell fake urine in many states if it’s for the purposes of evading a lawfully administered drug test. However, their entire business is structured around these products, and it’s obvious what they are indirectly saying to you.

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Does Fake Pee Really Work To Pass A Drug Test?

So let’s talk about the chances of using fake pee for drug test successfully. In order to achieve passing a drug test using synthetic urine, 4 things have to be in place:

  • The formula has to be complex enough to pass scrutiny
  • It mustn’t contain detectable artificial preservatives (biocide or bleach)
  • It must look like the real thing
  • Sample must be submitted within the correct temperature range

That doesn’t sound a lot, but there aren’t many brands out there that have a complex formula, in fact, I only know of two brands that cover all the bases, and only a couple more that cover most of them.

Plus, don’t underestimate that “looks like the real thing” bit. I’ve seen evidence online that suggests drug testing labs, especially for more expensive or involved drug tests, do scrutinize the sample visually.

Some of the poor brands out there don’t look quite right, especially held up to the light. Lab technicians will tell you that the colors look slightly wrong, or they are crystal clear to look through when human urine often isn’t.

Plus, in rare instances, they will actually sniff it to see if it smells like human urine and shake it, because of human urine froths in a way that’s different to water and other liquids.

How Do You Spot The Best Synthetic Urine?

So let’s talk now quickly about what the best synthetic urine contains. In order to pass a drug test, there are real basics it has to contain in order to stand a chance:

  1. It must contain urea, uric acid, and creatinine, all of these are key components that are found in all human urine. Creatinine is a byproduct of creatine, something found in many foods and other substances. So if it’s not present, it can’t be real.
  2. The sample should contain other chemicals found in human urine. However, very few brands contain more than urea, uric acid, and creatinine. There are two that do, and I’ll tell you which ones they are in the best synthetic urine reviews later.
  3. It has to look, smell, and froth like the real thing for the reasons I just explained around close scrutiny.
  4. It should be within the correct pH range and the correct specific gravity range for human urine.
  5. The fake pee for drug test product you buy must contain the means to heat the sample up efficiently and keep it within the very narrow temperature range that human urine exits the body at (usually around 96°F- 100°F, but legally to allow for cooling, they have to accept anything between 90°F and 100°F).

How To Use Fake Pee For Drug Tests

Instructions for using fake pee for drug tests are pretty straightforward, and very much the same for any product.

Firstly, you have to make sure it’s heated up to the right temperature. Every product you buy will have a temperature strip on the side of the container that you store the urine in.

You can either activate the air-activated heat pad you get with these products and just strap it to the side of the bottle and let that heat it up, as they are designed to get the liquid to warm up and stay within the magical temperature range of between 90°F and 100°F. Alternatively, you can microwave it first to save the heat pad some time and effort.

But however you do it, the idea is to get it within the right temperature range, strap the heat pad to it, and then monitor it for about 15 minutes to make sure it’s stable, and then head off to submit your sample.

An alternative to heating is to use heat activator powder. This is supplied in only two products, Sub Solution and Quick Luck.

But however you do it, you then have to keep the sample close to your body, so it’s not detected, and your body will help to keep the sample temperature within the right temperature range well.

You could just push it down within your underwear, or even better use two pairs and push the sample between them. Or you could use tape, or if you’ve got the money and time, you could use a synthetic urine belt.


My Top Tips For Using Synthetic Urine

I’ve got a couple of top tips for using synthetic urine here that I just want to mention. These can really help you to not get caught out.

The first is to always wear baggy jogging bottoms. Don’t wear anything tight-fitting, because the sample could be spotted and you could be told they have suspicions and fail you.

Far more importantly, you have to get that temperature range exactly right. A degree over 100°F and you are screwed. Anything less than 90°, again, you are screwed.

The heat pads can be unreliable. So if you are using them, my second top tip is to always take a flask of hot water with you. If the heat pad fails, then you’ve still got a heat source to get that temperature up again on the sample.

However, you’ll have no problems with heating the sample if you use Sub Solution or Quick Luck, as they contain heat activator powder instead. You don’t have to worry about heating up the powder at all. Just outside the place, you are submitting the sample in, tap in about a third of the powder, and that is usually enough to take up to within the magical temperature range in less than one minute.

How To Use A Synthetic Urine Belt

I did mention a minute ago that you can use a synthetic urine belt to dispense the sample from. However, there are pros and cons to using synthetic urine belt.

Pros of the synthetic urine belt:

  • Better for keeping the sample at the right temperature
  • Virtually undetectable
  • Great for supervised drug tests

Cons of the synthetic urine belt:

  • More expensive than standard urine kits
  • More complicated to get set up
  • More complicated to use
  • Can still be detected by a supervised drug test

These are devices that store the urine around the belt, so a thin strip of urine contained in the belt. This is great because it’s easier to wear without being detected, and it keeps the urine close to your skin, which will help stabilize the temperature.

On the downside though, they are more complicated to get right. Putting them on, using the micro heat pads, keeping it from slipping when you walk, all of these can be problems.

Plus, when you submit the sample, you will either have a tube and dispensing tap, or a full prosthetic penis set up. Whichever it is, they still aren’t very natural, even though you can stand in the right position if you are a guy.

But for a woman they are hopeless. Even if someone is standing behind you, some distance away, you’ll still get spotted when you’re fiddling around in your crotch trying to turn the tap on and off.

Although they are only really worth employing for a supervised drug test, there’s a huge risk attached to using them in that scenario.

Synthetic Urine Reviews: Top 3 Safest Brands

So hopefully I have now covered the basics of using fake pee for drug tests. Let’s finish here now by telling you about the best synthetic urine products out there. These are the top three that tick all the boxes I’ve already mentioned in this quick guide.

Sub Solution / Quick Luck

I’m putting Sub Solution and Quick Luck in the joint first place. Sub Solution is the classic product from Clear Choice, which has been the bestselling brand for a number of years.

It contains 14 chemical markers found in real human urine, looks like the real thing, and uses heat activator powder which is far more reliable than a heating pad.

On the downside, it’s a powder, so you have to mix it with water before you can use it. That’s why I’m putting the new product from Clear Choice, Quick Luck, up here in first place with it.

Quick Luck is premixed. This makes it perfect for on-the-job testing because it literally takes 30 seconds to pour the heat activator powder into it and get a vial sample ready.

Quick Luck is also are a slightly more complex formula. Although both updated annually, based on the latest evidence from drug testing, overall, Quick Luck has more chemicals in it that a lab might check for the presence of.

If you have the money, with Sub Solution costing $80, and Quick Luck $100, then these are the best synthetic urine products you can buy.

Quick Fix

A long way down the quality scale is Quick Fix. It only contains the basics I mentioned earlier, urea, uric acid, and creatinine. You also get a heating pad rather than the wonderful heat activator powder.

But for $40, it’s a great budget brand. If you’re going for a basic pre-employment drug test, then it could be good enough to pass. As long as you get the temperature right, and the lab technician isn’t too scrupulous (some people say Quick Fix has a slightly green look to it), then it’s fine to use.

So if you haven’t got the money for Quick Luck or Sub Solution, then Quick Fix is definitely a cheap and viable alternative.

Monkey Whizz

In third place is Monkey Whizz. It is actually not that different from Quick Fix, although some people say it looks slightly more realistic. For me, I didn’t really notice that.

It contains the basics, urea, uric acid, creatinine, it’s balanced, all the stuff I’ve talked about. It uses a heating pad, so again you haven’t got the granular control over the temperature that you would have using Quick Luck or Sub Solution. But for a basic drug test, it’s plenty good enough.

I will also just say that Monkey Whizz is NOT the name of the basic urine product. That’s called Monkey Flask.

Monkey Whizz is actually their incognito synthetic urine belt product. It doesn’t matter which product you buy though, they all contain the same fake urine, Monkey Whizz is exactly the same as Monkey Flask in terms of urine quality.

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