Cannabis Detox Drinks: Which Ones Work?

Cannabis Detox Drinks: Which Ones Work?

Detox drinks can be a brilliantly easy way to pass a drug test, but can you buy cannabis detox drinks that really work?

This is going to be a quick guide that covers everything you need to know about covering up cannabis use when you submit a urine sample.

We are going to cover how toxins work in the body, how detox drinks work, and whether you can actually buy THC targeting detox drinks at all.

You’ll also learn exactly how to use them, including some top tips to make sure you stand the best chance of passing. Alongside all that, you’ll be able to make better choices on the detox drink to use by reading reviews of the top three detox drinks for weed.

How Cannabis Toxins Work In The Body

When you smoke weed the active ingredient (THC) that gets you high is converted during the process into metabolites (THC-NOOH).

Drug metabolites initially appear in the bloodstream and saliva. That’s where they are detectable in the first 24-48 hours. But for the next few days after that, they are processed by the body and eventually work their way out through sweat, but mostly through urine and stools.

Cannabis Detox Drinks: Which Ones Work?

In fact, medical marijuana treatment metabolites are pretty unique. They stay in the body for a longer time the most other drugs because they attach to cells in the body. So you could test clean for a few days, and then fail a drug test when metabolites detach from cells and work their way out again.

They also attach to bile and fat, meaning that 60% of cannabis metabolites actually work their way out through the bowels. That’s why doing a natural detox to get rid of cannabis metabolites works slightly differently.

How Drug Detox Drinks Work

The main problem you’ve got if you are riddled with cannabis metabolites is that you are going to fail a urine sample drug test. But a good quality detox drink will work to mask the toxins. Note that I say mask, because a detox drink doesn’t truly detoxify your body.

So if you’re using a detox drink for weed, this is what you can expect a good quality one to do in your body:

  1. When you drink the detox drink on an empty stomach it floods your body with liquid. This liquid is processed rapidly and floods your bladder.
  2. Obviously as your bladder fills up you urinate more easily. By urinating a few times you push out the old urine with toxins in it, replacing it with fresh urine that for a short time doesn’t contain toxins. But more than this, a detox drink contains a liquid balance which helps it to reach your bladder more quickly, drawing out toxins with it. But how well it does this depends on the potency of the drink.
  3. The second problem is that just flushing yourself out doesn’t keep the balance of your urine natural. If you just drink tons of water and you won’t have metabolites in it for a few hours. However, neither will your urine be balanced correctly for pH or specific gravity. It won’t contain waste vitamins and minerals, and it won’t contain creatinine which is always present due to the conversion from creatine during bodily processes.
  4. So what happens is that the detox drink also floods your body with things found in urine. Because there is so much of the stuff in it, some of it is passed through the filters in your body, the liver and kidneys, as waste. These ingredients then appear in the bladder alongside the flood of fresh urine to make it natural in balance.
  5. This fresh natural urine that is clean of drug toxins will only stay that way for a few hours. If you still have drug toxins in your body, then after a few hours they will start appearing in your urine again as fresh urine is created and the toxins are processed.

Can You Buy Detox Drinks For Weed?

Before I tell you how to detox to pass a drug test for cannabis or any other type of drug, I want to tell you about cannabis detox drinks.

You now understand how a detox drink works. The truth is, as you may have guessed, that a detox drink works for any types of drug metabolites. It doesn’t matter if it’s weed, cocaine, an opiate medication, the detox drink flushes everything out of your urine and restores the natural balance for a few hours.

Cannabis Detox Drinks: Which Ones Work?

So you can’t buy specific THC detox drinks. There’s no such thing as a detox drink that can target cannabis metabolites specifically.

If you see any detox drinks marketed for weed metabolites stay away from them. They are always poor quality drinks (or detox pills) that say they can clear out THC metabolites specifically so they can charge more money from gullible people.

How To Do A Natural Detox

Doing a natural detox on its own as a weed smoker can take weeks. As I’ve already said, weed metabolites work slightly differently in the body and can take weeks to work their way out if you are a chronic smoker.

Doing a natural detox helps to get rid of the metabolites because you not taking fresh ones in, and you are allowing your body to focus on getting rid of the ones already inside you.

However, if you’re going to use a detox drink then you probably haven’t got two weeks’ notice to prepare for that drug test.

So what we’re talking about when we speak of a natural detox alongside using a detox drink is getting rid of enough toxins in advance of the test day so that the detox drink has less work to do. It stands to reason if you have less toxins in your body that there will be less to flush out, and it will take longer for fresh toxins to appear back in your urine stream.

Most detox drinks advise at least a 24-hour detox before the day of your test, and I’d advise 48 hours if you can, doing the following for at least two days if possible:

  • Eat small meals several times a day
  • Cut out fat, sugar, and refined carbohydrates
  • Eat lean proteins, vegetables, fruit, fiber
  • Exercise daily and make sure you sweat
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Drink a ton of water each day

Doing all those things alongside cutting out smoking weed will help your body to get rid of toxins in it faster.

By doing this even for a couple of days you will get rid of a lot of the toxins in your body, leaving less toxins for the detox drink to deal with. Basically, it will be longer before fresh toxins leak into your urine, giving you as long as a five hour window to submit your sample in (but you must allow for the fact it could be a window as narrow as two hours).

Cannabis Detox Drink Instructions

So let’s now take a look at instructions for cannabis detox drinks. Instructions all detox drinks are pretty much the same, and this is a method I found that works best:

  1. Do that 48 hour detox before the day of your test if possible. If you can accelerate the elimination of toxins using a high-quality detox pill like Toxin Rid, that’s even better. You can get 24 and 48 hour Toxin Rid pill courses. Drink plenty of water and make sure that you urinate frequently.
  2. Making sure you have an empty stomach (don’t eat for a couple of hours at least before drinking the detox drink) and drink the contents of the detox drink bottle smoothly over about 15 minutes.
  3. Over the next hour urinate as frequently as you can. If you need to drink 8 ounces of additional water to help urinate at least three times, then that’s fine.
  4. After you have urinated three times, at least one hour after finishing detox drink, do a home drug test kit. These are really cheap and they will confirm if you are genuinely clean. If you’re clean, go and take your drug test
  5. If you’re not clean, then you will need to delay. Drink another bottle of detox drink, and then urinate a couple of times and do another home drug test. You should be clean after the first bottle of detox drink, and 95% of cases you will be (I’ve done my own testing at home with all the major types detox drink and this is true because I’m a chronic weed smoker) but it’s always good to have an insurance policy.ű

Top 3 Detox Drinks For A Drug Test

So let’s finish this guide to cannabis detox drinks by telling you about the top three THC detox drinks on the market.

One word of warning, stay away from Walmart detox drinks, with the notable exception of Mega Clean. But as I’m going to explain in the reviews, I don’t advocate buying Mega Clean from Walmart anyway.

But basically buying Walmart detox drinks, GNC, Walgreens, anything non-specialist, and brands with a poor reputation like Stinger detox, are definitely to be avoided.

If you use any of the three brands of detox drinks for weed I’m now going to review for you, you will stand a fantastic chance of masking even the heaviest levels of cannabis toxins in your body.

Cannabis Detox Drinks: Which Ones Work?

Ultra Eliminex

Ultra Eliminex is the most potent detox drink you can buy right now. It’s a fairly new in formula, and is made by company called Herbal Clean.

Herbal Clean have a bad reputation because the old formula detox drinks they sell, most notably Qcarbo 32, which has a poor track record. They aren’t that strong, and they don’t balance the urine enough.

But Ultra Eliminex is a completely new formula and is far more potent. It flushes out the toxins as any liquid will, but then it’s carefully re-creates the balance in your urine so that you can pass a drug test easily.

Ultra Eliminex isn’t cheap, it retails at about $80. But it is the most powerful detox drink you can buy and if money is no object, or it’s an important drug test you’re facing, then I would go for ultra Eliminex.

Rescue Cleanse

Second on my list of the best cannabis detox drink is Rescue Cleanse. It’s been around for quite a few years and it’s an often updated formula (just like all Clear Choice products, like Sub Solution fake urine, are regularly updated).

Rescue Cleanse is another powerful formula in a 32 fluid ounce bottle. It retails at $55 so it’s cheaper than Ultra Eliminex. It’s not quite as good at recreating your urine balance, but I’ve passed a drug test using it.

So if you’re looking for a slightly cheaper detox drink but one that still has great track record, then Rescue Cleanse is definitely a drink to consider. This is especially the case as you could also buy Sub Solution synthetic urine at the same time, and use that as your Plan B if the detox drink fails.

Mega Clean

Third on my list of detox drinks for weed is Mega Clean. As I said earlier, don’t buy it in Walmart. I wouldn’t advocate Walmart detox drinks, and I wouldn’t even advocate buying Mega Clean from Walmart.

The reason for this is that although it’s a good detox drink on its own it’s not that powerful. It can flush out the toxins and recreate the balance in your urine, but it doesn’t do it as well as the other two brands I’ve talked about.

So you need to buy it from Test Clear. If you do, you get six powerful Toxin Rid pills bundled up with it. This allows you to do a 24-hour detox on the day before your test and eradicate far more toxins using the six powerful pills. That additional effort on getting rid of toxins before the day of your test means that Mega Clean has less work to do, and that puts it on a level with Rescue Cleanse.

It costs about $60 from Test Clear, so it’s a great deal as a detox drink, but not if you buy it from Walmart. You get the most out of Mega Clean as a detox drink for weed you have to buy it from Test Clear and do the 24-hour detox.